Best Surge Protected Extension Lead UK

An extension lead comes handy at times when you have a space crunch, yet you have to connect multiple devices to the power source. Be it a busy office setting or your home, this tiny addition can make a lot of difference. 

When power fluctuations occur all of sudden, the surge can harm your electronic devices. There can be various causes that lead to power surges– lightning, overloading of power, and so on. If you wish to keep your gadgets and appliances at a safe distance from surge, you must invest in a surge protected extension lead. 

To make it a little easier for you, we have searched for the best surge protected extension leads available in the UK. After thorough research, we have come up with a list of the top 10 products that we feel are perfect for your needs. Read the product summaries, and pick one that suits your requirements. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the list! 

Best Surge Protected Extension Leads

1.Pro elec 5 m Switched Surge Protected Extension Lead 


The first product that we have found for you is the pro elec 5 m Switched Surge Protected Extension Lead. Each of the 4 sockets come with surge protection, along with an LED indicator. In case the indicator does not turn on after connecting a device, refrain from using it. 

You can use this for your home office setup, of for commercial spaces that require more devices to be connected to the power source at the same time. The extension strip comes with a 5-meter cable. 

  • Comes with an electric indicator
  • Offers surge protection
  • Simple design
  • May not be an ideal option for bigger devices


2. AUOPLUS Surge Protected Extension Lead 6 Gang Power Strip with 4 USB Port

On number 2, let’s take a look at the AUOPLUS Surge Protected Extension Lead. This one has 4 USB ports as well as 6 sockets. This one works well equally for your home and your workplace. The USB ports are equipped with fast charging technology, offering up to 3.1 Amp. In case there is a voltage fluctuation, the strip keeps all of the connected devices safe and protected from damage. 

The sockets have enough space between them, so you can connect big plugs without any hassle. The smart USB ports automatically detect the type of the device and charge accordingly. The premium copper wires are coated with rubber to ensure the safety of the user as well as the devices. The product is backed by 12 months replacement warranty on behalf of the company. 

  • Safe to use
  • High-speed charging
  • 12 months replacement warranty
  • You cannot use this as a wall-mount piece


3. Te-Rich 12 Gang Surge Protector 

Next, here we have the Te-Rich Surge Protector. This extension lead comes with a special tower-like design, and it can make simultaneous use of AC as well as DC. It comes with 12 sockets and 5 USB ports, solving all of your charging and power connectivity related worries. It not only works as a power source, but also doubles up as a surge protector, keeping your devices safe from power surges. 

You can use the sockets for connecting your electronic appliances, and the USB ports for charging your gadgets. The tower design allows enough space to the sockets, so you can use this for your high-power plugs too. It comes with a 2-meter long cable. 

  • Designed for high-power appliances
  • Unique tower design allows more devices to be connected
  • Protects against power surges
  • The plug wires may get entangled


4. GLCON Tower Power Strip with USB (4 pcs 5V 3.1A) Surge Protector Extension Lead

The GLCON Tower Power Strip Surge Protector Extension Lead is another amazing product that deserves a mention on our list. It allows you to connect 10 sockets and also comes with 4 USB outputs for charging your devices. 

Made from good-quality ABS material, this one offers durability and reliability. Besides providing with power supply and charging your gadgets, the power strip also keeps your electronics safe from sudden power surges. Whenever there is a surge, the power is cut off immediately to prevent any damage. It comes with a 3-feet long power cord that you can adjust according to your need. 

  • Offers safety from power surges
  • Durable
  • Adjustable power cord
  • The sockets don’t have individual switches


5. Duronic 10 Way Extension Tower ST10B

The next product on our list is the Duronic 10 Way Extension Tower ST10B. Thanks to the unique and functional design, you can connect 10 sockets to this power strip at one go. Appropriate for low-power electronics, this item comes handy for commercial spaces where you have multiple devices, but less number of power sources. 

This tower saves your time and space, by plugging in multiple devices, and without occupying much space on your table. The tower has a total capacity of up to 3000W. 


  • Lightweight, long-lasting and convenient
  • Saves space
  • Unique tower design
  • Not suitable for high-power appliances


6. Mscien 5M Extension Lead 5 Way Individually Switched, Surge Protected Extension Cord with 5 Meter Long Cable

The 6th item here is the Mscien Surge Protected Extension Cord equipped with a 5-meter long cable. In this extension lead, each socket comes with an individual switch, which makes it a lot more functional than other models. The separate switches and lights save energy consumption. 

It protects the connected devices against power spikes and surges, ensuring that the devices don’t incur any damage. You can use this as a wall-mount to save space. It has a 5-meter long extension cable. 

  • The 5 sockets come with individual switches for saving energy
  • Offers protection against power surges and spikes
  • Can be used as a wall-mount piece
  • The mounting holes are small


7. Belkin BSV400af2M 4 Way/4 Plug 2 m Surge Protection Extension Lead Strip


The Belkin 4 Plug 2 m Surge Protection Extension Lead Strip is made from premium quality materials, hence it’s durable and reliable. Thanks to the superior design, the circuits remain fully protected against damages, loss of data or system crashes. It comes with a large switch, so there are very little chances that you might turn off the switch by mistake.

You can plug in 4 devices to this extension strip. It’s a great addition to your office space, where you need to connect multiple devices at a time. The extension lead comes with a 2-meter cable. 

  • Lasts for a long time, and keeps your devices well-protected while they are connected
  • Bigger switch for more convenience
  • Can connect 4 devices at once
  • Cannot be used as a wall-mounted strip


8. Masterplug Four Socket Power Surge Protected Extension Lead


On number 8, let’s check out the Masterplug Four Socket Power Surge Extension Lead. There is a thermal cut-out indicator to inform you that your devices are safe from a surge. You can either keep this on a surface or mount on a wall for more convenience. 

This Masterplug product has four sockets that you can use for inserting big plugs. It has a 13 Amp fuse. The product comes with a warranty, so you won’t have to fret about malfunctioning parts. It comes with a 4-meter long cable. 

  • Compact in size
  • 4-meter cable
  • You can wall-mount the extension lead
  • The indicator light can be distracting


9. Power Extension Lead Built-in USB Port&On/Off Switch, Klearlook Power Strip 


Next on the list, we have the Power Extension Lead with Built-in USB Port On/Off Switch from the house of Klearlook. Besides offering a great deal of protection from unprecedented power spikes and surges, this product allows you to charge 11 devices at one go. The 8 outlets are placed at a distance from each other, so you can use them for attaching bigger sized plugs. 

The power strip is made of sturdy materials, hence it lasts longer than other similar products. The PC material is great at resisting heat and fire. The copper wire is well-protected by a PVC coating, ensuring faster electricity conduction. The strip also comes with a 6.5 feet cord. The USB ports offer faster charging for all of your devices. It comes with a 2-meter long cord. 

  • Great for both home and office use
  • Can connect 8 plugs and 3 USB devices at once
  • Surge protection
  • A longer cable would have been better


10. Masterplug Heavy Duty Four Socket Surge Protected Extension Lead with 2 USB Ports


Finally, let’s check out the Masterplug Heavy Duty Four Socket Surge Protected Extension Lead. With this product, charging your USB devices will become easier than ever. The sockets are completely safe against the unpredictable surge, so there’s no risk of causing damage to your devices. 

Thanks to its compact and functional design, you can plug two devices at a time in the 2 available ports. It comes with a thermal cut-out indicator to ensure optimum safety. The smart feature puts the USB ports into standby mode, as soon as they have finished charging the devices. The product also adapts to the individual pattern of different devices, such as iPhone, etc. It comes with a 1-meter long cable. 

  • Strongly built
  • Small in size, hence easy to carry
  • Keeps your devices safe from a power surge
  • The indicator light is too bright


Best Surge Protected Extension Lead UK: Buying Guide

A well-made extension lead can make your life a lot easier. But before buying one, here are a few things you cannot afford to forget. 

Surge Protection 

The first and most important feature that you must check in an extension lead is that it is surge protected. Whenever there is a power surge, your electronic devices encounter chances of heavy damage. Surge protection keeps them safe against such occurrences, giving you ample peace of mind. 

Number of Sockets 

Different extension leads have different capacities in terms of the number of sockets. As you can deduce from the list, extension strips can have as many as 8 sockets, or in some cases, even more. Depending on your need and preference, you can choose a product. 

Number of USB Ports 

If you work at a media house, or any other office that needs multiple USB devices to be connected for charging, choose a product that has an ample number of USB ports. 

Built and Design 

The product that you’re choosing must have a functional design so that you can easily use it on an everyday basis. Apart from the design, you must also ensure that the built of the surge protected extension lead is sturdy enough to last long. 

Cable Length 

The cable length varies depending on the company and the model that you’re purchasing. The length of the cable can be as short as 1 meter, and you will also find extension strips that offer longer cords to ensure that you can connect it to a power source located at a far distance. So before buying the product, don’t forget to check the cable length. 

Mount Type 

You can either place the extension lead on a plain surface, or you can mount it on the wall using screws. The wall mount models save space. And in case you don’t want to fix it permanently on your wall, you can easily carry it around with you. 

Final Thoughts 

Now, after checking out a host of products and going through the buying guide, we hope you have developed an idea about the different kinds of surge protection leads, and how to choose the right one for you. So that you don’t have to do all the hard work, we have handpicked each and every item on this list. Now, all you have to do is check out their features and weigh down their pros and cons, and finally, make a decision. So go ahead, get your hands on one of these, and make your work life a little simpler. 

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