Best Smart Radiator Valves UK

Are you looking for the best smart radiator valves in the UK, to keep the temperature of your home comfortable? We are here to guide you. But before we proceed, let’s talk about a few basics that you must know before investing in a valve.

What Is A Smart Radiator Valve?

As opposed to the thermostatic radiator valves (TRV), the smart radiator valves come with a technology that allows them to be controlled with the help of smartphones and assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Advantages of Smart Radiator Valves

  • The smart radiator valve is much more convenient, as it allows you to control the temperature on a per room basis.
  • They make your room temperature more comfortable.
  • They allow you to locate cold zones.
  • They help you cut down on energy consumption.
  • You can manually leave out the rooms that are empty so that the energy doesn’t go to waste.
  • These valves are compatible with AI voice assistants, so you can control them anytime, and from anywhere.
  • In most cases, these valves can be used with the standard heating radiators installed in your home.

So, if you’re planning for an upgrade, this article is just for you. To assist you in your buying journey, we have conducted extensive research to find out the best smart heating radiator valves available in the UK. Here we have listed down the top 10 products that are great in quality, and are sure to add value to your everyday life and give you more control over your heating system.

So without further ado, let’s take a look. 

Best Smart Radiator Valves

1. Drayton Wiser Smart Heating Radiator Thermostat

On top of our best smart radiator valves list, we have the Drayton Wiser Smart Heating Radiator Thermostat. If you’re looking forward to improving your home’s heating control, this can be a great addition. To install these valves, all you have to do is remove your old valves, and fix the Wiser valves with the help of screws. You can keep a check on the heating system easily, thanks to the Wiser app.

To ensure safety, the smart radiator valves are equipped with a unique technology that turns off the system if the windows of your room are open. The average range of connectivity is between 24 to 40 feet. However, the exact range is determined by certain factors, such as the thickness of the walls, the position of the heating system hub, and so on. If you wish to expand the capacity or range of the valves, you can take the help of Wiser Smart Plug.

The smart radiator valve runs on batteries, so there’s no need for wires. For each system, you can add up to 32 radiators. For better control, the valves are compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, as well as IFTTT.

  • Easy installation
  • Convenient temperature control
  • Compatible with voice assistants
  • Range extender has to be purchased separately


2. Bosch Smart Home Radiator Thermostat

On number 2 on our best smart radiator valves list, we have the Bosch Smart Home Radiator Thermostat. This one assists you in maintaining the right temperature indoors. You can adjust the heat for different rooms according to your preference. You can operate the system using the Bosch Smart Home App, or you may set the temperature directly on this device.

It saves your energy consumption by detecting open doors and windows, thanks to the high-tech Bosch Smart Home door and window contact.

The thermostat is compatible with most popular voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit.

  • Easy to install
  • Silent operation
  • Compatible with voice assistants
  • A bit pricey

3. tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat

The 3rd product on our best smart thermostat list we have found out for you is the tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat, with a vertical mounting system. This intelligent heating control system allows you to adjust the temperature of different parts of the home with ease. Besides the Multi-Room control technology, this thermostat also brings down your electricity bills.

You can connect the thermostat to the internet, and control the system at your convenience. All you need is the tado° app to get started with this feature.

This one is compatible with all standard radiators that use valves. The packaging includes the vertical mounting radiator, 6 adapters, and 2 AA batteries.

  • Easy to install
  • Cuts down energy bills
  • Easy to monitor via the tado° app
  • Temperature report is not accurate


4. eqiva Bluetooth Smart Radiator Thermostat UK

On number 4 of our best smart radiator valves, we have the equiva Bluetooth Smart Thermostat Radiator, specially designed for the UK. As you can understand from the name, this one is compatible with Bluetooth connectivity, and you can also monitor it via free apps available on Android and iOS. You can also manage the system without the help of your smartphone.

It comes with a unique automatic frost protection feature that prevents the temperature from going too low. It offers up to 30% cut-down on your energy bills. This particular model is compact, convenient for daily use, and doesn’t produce any disturbing noise during operation.

Installing the thermostat is easy, and you don’t need any tools. Once you take the help of the app, you can control the temperatures of 10 rooms at a time. To ensure maximum safety, the system comes with a child-proof lock that doesn’t allow any unexpected changes to take place. It is compatible with most standard radiator valves available out there.

  • Manageable via apps
  • Can control up to 10 rooms with the app
  • Easy installation
  • The battery backup isn’t impressive


5. Hive Smart Heating Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) 

The 5th product we have here is the Hive Smart Heating Thermostatic Radiator Valve. This compact model ensures that you can manage the heating system with ease, and adjust the temperatures of different rooms. With this valve, you won’t need to worry about wasting energy consumption on empty rooms, as you can control the system to refrain from heating the vacated rooms.

You can be in charge of all the heating management, with the help of the Hive app, installed on your smartphone. Turning the radiator valves on or off is just a click away. You can get the desired temperature in your home, selecting it manually from the Hive app.

Installation is hassle-free. You can mount this valve on by unscrewing the existing TRV head. To enable the Hive app control system, it’s not necessary to have a Hive Heating System. You can use the Hive app for your existing heating system as well.

  • Detects cold spots

  • Hive app for managing all heating systems

  • Control overheating individual rooms
  • Difficult to set up


6. Netatmo Additional Smart Radiator Valve

The 6th item on our best smart thermostat list is the Netatmo Additional Smart Radiator Valve. This is an add-on accessory for the Netatmo smart radiator valve starter pack. If you’re looking for a smart and controllable heating system for your home, this can be a good buy.

The radiator valves can automatically detect the insulation needs of your rooms, depending on the weather. Whenever required, you can adjust the heat with the help of your smartphone. These radiator valves are compatible with quite a few radiators.

This one not only keeps your home comfortable but also reduces electricity consumption. There are two pre-installed modes, comfort, and economy. While the first mode orders the system to increase the temperature at a certain room, the latter one controls and limits the temperatures. You can install the iOS or Android app for managing the system.

  • Compact and convenient
  • Easy to set up
  • Controllable via app
  • A little noisy


7. Meross Smart Heating Radiator Thermostat

The Smart Heating Radiator Thermostat from Meross is another product that you can check out. The valve, along with the Meross Smart Heater starter kit, works towards keeping your room temperature comfortable. With this smart thermostat, you will be able to save 37% of your electricity bills on an annual basis.

You can operate it using voice control as well as your smartphone. The system is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. With this smartthermostat, you will have more control over adjusting the temperature of your individual rooms.

You can replace the old valve in a jiffy, and install the new one. It doesn’t require any professional assistance or tools. The open window detection technology helps in locating open windows and doors and shuts down the heating system to save on your energy consumption.

  • Easy control
  • Cuts down energy cost
  • Open window detection
  • A little noisy


8. Honeywell Home THR92H1002 evohome Wireless Radiator Controller Head for the UK

The 8th one is the Honeywell Home evehome Wireless Radiator Controller Head. This one is meant for radiators that are available in the UK. This smart device supports WiFi connectivity, so you will have an upper hand at controlling the heat at different parts of your home.

The simple, minimal and compact design makes it an ideal choice for modern homes. It matches well with your sense of aesthetics, and the high-quality material accounts for durability.

It also comes with a convenient LCD display, that helps you in checking the name of zones, set temperature, and so on.

  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to install
  • LCD display
  • The connectivity speed is slow


9. tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat (horizontal mounting)

On number 9, let’s take a look at the tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat, this time with horizontal mounting. Once you install this device, you will be able to control the temperature of individual rooms with ease, along with the radiators. With the tado° app by your side, you will have access to all the rooms in one place.

Replacing the old valves and installing this system is hassle-free, and you don’t need any tools to do this. With this smart thermostat, you will have greater control over the temperature in each heat zone. It makes sure that your home environment remains cosy, warm, and comfortable.

  • Easy to install
  • Greater control over individual rooms
  • You can operate and monitor the system using the tado° app
  • Battery life could have been better


10. MiHome Smart Home Control

Last but not least, the 10th item on our list is the MiHome Smart Home Control. Equipped with zonal heating technology, you can get different temperatures in different parts of the home, with the help of this system. These valves are ergonomic and easy to install and save expenses on your energy bills.

You can use the timer feature to your convenience, which allows you to set different temperatures at different parts of the day. You can also take the help of Geofencing to prep your rooms even before you step into the house.

The MiHome smart radiator valves support Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and the Nest Learning Thermostat.

  • Easy to install
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Convenient timer and Geofencing
  • The electric motor makes a lot of noise


Best Smart Radiator Valves UK: Buying Guide

Here are a few factors that will help you determine which is the perfect smart radiator valve for your home.


Removing the old valve and installing the smart radiator valve is a seamless process. A pair of screws is all you need to get the job done. However, to be completely sure, don’t forget to check out the installation process before you make a purchase.


The smart radiator valves, in majority cases, are compatible with the standard radiators available in the UK. The valves also come with different types of adapters to suit your requirements.

Heating Controls

The smart radiator valves are compatible with mobile apps, making it all the more convenient to adjust and manage your home temperature and easy to use. Look for valves that support both iOS and Android apps, and offer WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Also check for compatibility with voice assistants like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and so on.


These valves are available in different price ranges. Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose a product. If you want to go for the reputed companies that have been making radiator valves and thermostats for years, the prices may go up a little. But the assurance they offer is definitely matchless. You will also come across plenty of other companies selling the same thing at a cheaper rate. If you are happy with the features and the reviews,  don’t hesitate to make a purchase.


The design and functionality are of immense importance. Look for a valve that is compact, minimal and easy to handle. This way, you will have a trouble-free experience while dealing with the system on a daily basis.

Energy Efficiency

Smart radiator valves are known for their energy-efficient nature. With these valves, since you can control the heating manually, the energy cost would be much lesser than usual. Before investing in a product, read the descriptions well, and understand how much you can save on an annual basis. If cutting down on electricity bills is your primary target, look for a valve that offers a higher amount of energy savings.

Final Thoughts 

By now, we are sure you have developed a detailed idea about how to choose the right best smart radiator valve for your home. In today’s date, a properly working heating system is not a luxury, rather a necessity. That’s why it is a must to invest in a high-quality radiator valve that works well and matches all of your requirements.

So go through the product summaries, and pick one that you feel is the best for you.

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