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If you have tiny pet rats at your home, it’s time to get them a pretty home where they can play around to their heart’s content. Finding a rat cage isn’t that difficult, but choosing the best one surely is a hassle as there are plenty to choose from out there these days. How then do you decide which is the best rate cage? You turn to our team here at Recommended Buys for help, that’s what.

To assist you in picking the right rat cage, we have combined a list of the best rat cages available in the UK. We have been careful to select rat cages and pet cafes that are designed with small animals in mind. In addition to the 10 products we have highlighted, we put together a buying guide that will make your buying decision even easier.

So without further ado, let’s check out the best rat cages you can find in the UK!


Best Rat Cage

1. Little Friends Plaza Tall Rat and Hamster Cage with Three Floors

If you’re trying to find an awesome rat cage to put your pet at ease, Little Friends Plaza Tall Rat and Hamster Cage with Three Floors comes pretty close to being perfect. The first thing that will catch your eyes is how big the actual thing is! It has everything you can ask for and then some. The Plaza with three floors comes with shelves, three bowls, one exercise wheel, one hideaway house, and one wood see-saw. The three ladders and three shelves create a multi-floor system that your pet or hamster can climb up and down to its heart’s content.

Little Friends Plaza Tall Rat and Hamster Cage with Three Floors is a big cage with a nice space and amenities for rats and hamsters to thrive. But it’s also very sturdy when assembled properly and you can even collapse it before travelling. Apart from the large opening top door, there are two doors at the front which are very small to stop your pet from running away. Speaking of keeping pets in it properly, the spacing of the bars is super narrow to discourage escape.

  • Spacious and functional
  • Collapsible
  • Very strong and durable
  • Cleaning the cage might be an issue

2. Little Friends Langham Tall Rat and Hamster Cage with Two Floors

Another solid rat cage from Little Friends, the Langham Tall Rat and Hammer with Two Floors is a compelling choice if you’re not a fan of Plaza’s big stature. The Langham Tall Rat and Hammer with Two Floors feature two shelves and two ladders, creating a multi-floor system for your pet to enjoy. In terms of accessories, you will get two houses, two exercise wheels and two bows. The bars have very narrow space between them so you can be assured that your pet won’t just run away in a second.

The Little Friends Langham Tall Rat and Hammer with Two Floors is designed in a way to answer the space issue that a lot of owners have. The cage can be collapsed easily and it makes for a hassle-free travel companion. As is the norm for Little Things pet cages, the entire thing is very sturdy and you can assemble and collapse it easily.

  • Offers a lot of space and accessories
  • Easy to assemble
  • Collapsible
  • The wooden platform can be an issue
  • Not very easy to clean

3. Yaheetech Large Iron Pet Cage

On number 3, we have the Yaheetech Large Iron Pet Cage. Thanks to its huge size, you can use this one as a home for multiple pets. It has 3 layers inside the cage which are connected with the help of a ladder. With this design, your pets will not get bored easily, and they will have sufficient space to move around and play inside the cage. If you are using this cage for birds, then you can feel completely safe as the front door crescent locks are highly secure.

The iron cage has a non-toxic coating on top, making it a safe choice for your pets. Owing to its strong structure, the cage is sure to last for very long. It comes with a removable tray at the lower part of the cage. You have to remove it while cleaning up. Since this one has been designed for multiple pets, there are 8 feeding bowls located inside the cage, along with 6 wooden perches. The cage stays on top of a stand that allows you to move the cage swiftly. There are two doors, so when it’s time for cleaning, you can easily insert different types of equipment inside the structure and get rid of the accumulated dirt.

Although we are focusing on this as a rat cage, the truth is that this product can be used for birds and other small-sized animals, such as rabbits or even gerbils and hamsters.

  • Large enough for multiple pets
  • Has wooden perches and food bowls
  • Comes with a movable stand
  • Some users have complained about rusting

4. Liberta Pioneer Rodent Cage

The next product on our list is the Liberta Pioneer Rodent Cage. This has 3 different layers on the inside that make it a great place for your little rodent friends to play around in. You can place several rats inside this large-sized cage. The bar spacing is quite narrow, making it an ideal choice for small pets. The 3 ladders inside allow the rats to move from one storey to another with ease, which can help provide them with a measure of their daily exercise needs.

The ladders, the platforms and all key components of this great rat cage, except for the structure, have been made from premium quality plastic. The rest is made from sturdy and durable metal. However, you may find that cleaning this particular rat cage is difficult as the doors are very small.

  • Comes with platforms and stairs
  • Large in size
  • Made of metal
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cleaning the cage is an issue

5. Little Friends Savoy Gerbilarium Cage with Accessories

Next up, we have yet another creation by Little Friends. The Little Friends Savoy Gerbilarium Cage is an ideal option for rats, chinchilla, hamsters, etc. If you have been finding a way to build up your rat’s home in a cosy manner, this cage is your best bet. They love burrowing and hiding, and this structure ensures there is enough space for that. The multi-floor design is another attractive feature, with a tiny house, shelves and a wheel placed inside the cage.

If your pet tends to chew everything nearby, this cage will make a perfect home for them. Unlike other cages, this one boasts a glass base that is chew-proof. While plastic might get worn off, this glass bottom is highly durable. Rats are wily and very capable chewers with a tough bite force, but we think that most will have found their match in this cage.

  • There is ample space inside the cage
  • Comes with tiny accessories
  • Has a glass base
  • The doors are too tiny

6. Little Friends Narrow Bar Castle Hamster/Rat Cage

The Little Friends Narrow Bar Castle Hamster/Rat Cage is a suitable home for keeping your tiny and grown-up rats. The house-like design makes it all the more appealing, with the wide bottom offering enough space for them to run around. It was made with the owner in mind as well as the rats themselves, as there are a lot of key features that make this a delightful addition to your home.

The big doors and the easy to remove roof panels are highly convenient for cleaning the cage. However, this one doesn’t come with any accessories or shelves inside, so you may choose put them up on your own.

  • Sturdy cage
  • Comes with big doors
  • Easy to clean
  • The platforms aren’t fixed

7. Global Pet Langham Large & Tall Hamster & Rat Cage

On number 7, let’s take a look at the Global Pet Langham Large & Tall Hamster & Rat Cage. Made from premium-quality plastic, this cage has a convenient design, with several fun amenities located inside. This will make for a perfect home for your pet rat or hamster. This one is pretty big, so even when your pet is all grown-up, this cage will be sufficient for them.

One thing we will say about this cage that could be seen as a negative, depending on how you feel about flat-pack furniture is that the assembly is a little difficult and time-consuming. However, once you have completed it, watching your little rat buddy explore and enjoy his or her new home will be a reward in itself for all your hard work.

  • Has a lot of space
  • Made from good quality plastic
  • Comes with cute accessories
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not very sturdy

8. LITTLE FRIENDS Triple Metal Rat Chinchilla Ferret Cage on Stand

Up next, we have the LITTLE FRIENDS Triple Metal Rat Cage. Ideal for keeping multiple rats, this cage comes with a lot of space within a three-layered structure. There are convenient stairs located at every storey so that the rat can travel up and down with ease.

To help you move the cage without any inconvenience, it comes with a movable stand at the bottom. There is a removable tray placed at the bottom of the cage, which you can remove while cleaning up. The cage also comes with 4 separate food bowls located inside it, which will stop cage buddies from fighting too much over food.

So if you’re searching for a sturdy and stable rat cage that is capable of holding a reasonable number of rats safely while providing enough room for them to enjoy various cage-based activities, consider giving this one a try.

  • Sturdy
  • Comes with stairs and food bowls
  • Has a removable tray and stand
  • Cleaning is a little tricky, as you have to empty the cage beforehand

9. Liberta Pioneer Cage, One Size

On number 9, we have the Liberta Pioneer Cage. This cage is large enough to house rats and chinchillas. It comes with a 3-layer design, to provide ample space for your pet to run around. Each layer has a tiny food bowl attached to it, which is an added advantage.

It comes with a removable tray placed at the bottom of the cage, which makes it a lot easier to clean than some other cages. Something that most rat owners will say is a blessing, particularly on those weeks when your rats have been especially “active”.

  • 3 layers offering ample space inside the cage
  • Food bowl placed at every layer
  • Removable tray
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Cleaning the cage is a hassle

10. XEMQENER Pet Cage for Rat 

Last but not the list, let’s take a look at the XEMQENER Pet Cage for Rats. Made from sturdy iron, the cage ensures longevity so that your pet can enjoy their home to its full potential. This one boasts a unique five-layer design, allowing your rabbit, rat or guinea pig to move around the cage and have a gala time. It is equipped with a tiny box for food and a water bottle.

When it’s time to clean up the cage, you can remove the tray from the bottom, and give it a rinse. The ramp is not slippery, thanks to the graphics carved on top of it. This feature makes sure that your pet doesn’t skid off the trail while going up and down the cage. This one is easy to set up, and keeps your pet entertained with its amazing design.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a water bottle and food basket
  • Unique 5-layer design
  • The wire bottom might lead to injuries, so you should always keep the slide-in tray inside


Best Rat Cage UK: Buying Guide

After looking at the rat cages we have highlighted above, you may still be unsure about which product is best for you. That is why we have put together this buying guide to discuss some of the important features you need to consider when choosing a rate cage.


The first thing that you need to think about is the rat cage size. You need to make sure you it will provide enough space for your pet rats. Even if you intend on having your rats running free, your little pets will still need to spend a lot of time within the confines of their cage. Especially at night. You will, therefore, want to make sure it is big enough that they don’t feel too cramped and that they can still participate in cage activities. The bar spacing is also important to consider, because if it is too wide, a smaller rat may be able to escape easily.


Cages are designed to keep animals, in this case, pet rats, in. This is to keep them safe and also to protect your home when you are not around to supervise these clever if often mischievous rodents. One of the most crucial aspects of a cage is therefore the material it is made from. You will find that most are made from stainless steel, aluminium or another suitably tough and affordable metal.

Be careful, however, as no matter how tough a cage claims to be, if the metal is coated, you need to make sure it is non-toxic and durable because rats have a habit of gnawing and chewing away at most things.


The actual design is important to think about too. Rat cages come in a variety of different styles. Whereas some are designed more like runs, others are designed to just be a lodging area. When rat cages are designed with multiple layers, it allows them to stay active and mental stimulation they need for a happy and content life. Particularly when they spend a lot of time in the cage.


No-one enjoys cleaning up after pets very much do they? Rats poop and wee a lot. The good thing about rats is that they tend to choose a corner or two in their cage and then do their business there. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can get away without cleaning the entire cage regularly. Therefore, that must be easy to clean is a must. A removable litter tray is a must that will go a lot towards making it as easy to clean as possible.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have children who are interested in having pets and animals or just love rodents, pet rats will always give you a lot of joy and entertainment. They are clever, cuddly and silly tame if you put the work in. As part of your job as a responsible and caring owner, you will want to make sure they have the best home possible and we are confident that you will be able to to find a suitable rat cage in our list of the 10 best products.

Along with the buying guide we have provided, the reviews we have included in this post will make it easy to find a great rat cage that any rodent will be happy to call home.

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