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Metal files in some form or another were one of the first tools used by mankind for deburring, cleaning, honing and smoothing off various materials. They are one of those tools that all homeowners, whether avid DIYers or those who just like to be well-equipped, should have in their tool box.

The thing about metal files that puts a lot of people off is the fact they are available in a staggering variety of sizes, shapes and types. There are so many out there that it can be very overwhelming and quite intimidating if you don’t really know what you are looking for.

That’s where the team have stepped in to lend a helping hand, by not only showcasing what we believe are the 10 best metal file sets available in the UK right now, but also providing a comprehensive, yet concise buying guide that gives the lowdown on this effective and versatile range of tools.

Best Metal Files 2020

1. Rolson 16-Piece File Set with Pouch

Rolson 16-Piece File Set with Pouch

The first item metal hand file set we have in our guide is a 16-piece hand file set from the highly reputable and trusted manufacturer Rolston. The company has a sterling reputation in the industry and this set is another example of why they are held in such high regard.

Made to very high and exacting standards of quality, there are 12 x 140mm files that include feather edge, joint round edge, oval, crossing, barrette, knife, flat taper, round, square, tri-square, half-round and flat parallel varieties and 4 x 200mm files.

That’s more than enough files to cover a multitude of different tasks and jobs. Each hand file is finished with comfortable and durable plastic handles which makes them easy to use and control. All the pieces fit neatly inside a handy storage pouch, so you will never need to wonder where you’ve put them or search high and low for them.

2. Preciva 16-in-1 Wood Rasp File Set

Preciva 16-in-one Wood Rasp File Set

Next, we have another reputable brand and their offering in the form of Preciva’s 16-in-1 hand file set of wood rasp files. These are manufactured using drop hammer forged T12 alloy steel, offering durable teeth that are deeply coated and quenched to offer long-lasting boring and cutting performance.

In the set you will find 4 large-sized files, including a round cymbal, semi-circle, triangle and flat hand file option and 12 more precise and fine files including round, three-square, square- warding, equalling and ring options. All of which are ideal for working with a variety of different materials such as plastics, leather, ceramic, tiles, glass, mirror, metals and woods.

This set also comes in a portable and compact storage case and the feature tightly connected and finely ground metal file handles that have been ergonomically designed for easier use. All of which helps to reduce the chance of fatigue, especially if you are carrying out a lot of cutting and shaping work.

3. Draper Redline 16-Piece File Set

Another name that often instils confidence is Draper and that’s who is behind the development and manufacturing of this next 16-piece hand file set.

The collection of needle files in this set includes feather edge, joint round edge, crossing, barrette, knife, tri-square, square, oval, half-round, round, flat taper, and flat options along with the larger flat, tri-square, half-round and round second files.

This set features its own purpose-built, high-quality canvas carrying case. Given the company, originally founded by Bert Draper, has been around since 1919, an investment in this set, even if you are not as familiar with as you would like to be, would be a very smart one.

4. Yato Professional 5-Piece Metal File Set

From Yato Professional, the next metal hand file set we want to discuss is this striking collection of 5 large files. All feature colourful, soft-grip handles that are designed to make life and work easier, whether you are only using them for short spells or for longer and more detailed work.

Each hand file is made from high quality, tough and very durable T12 alloy steel, so you know you are getting a substantial set of tools for the low asking price they are retailing at right now.

In fact, for that price, you would struggle to find a more professional looking and efficient hand files.

5. Rolson 5-Piece Energy Class A Engineer File Set

We’re back with Rolson for this 5-piece hand file set of engineer files. Rolson has built up an enviable reputation for producing high quality and affordable hand tools in all shapes and sizes. People trust the brand because they are rarely let down by the tools the company designs and manufactures.

This set of engineer files is no different and includes 5 x 200mm tools. There is a half-round, square, triangle, round and flat option, meaning that an extensive range of uses and tasks is fully covered. If you are looking for a small set of versatile files and don’t want to break the bank too much, this might be the best for you.

They have rubber-cushioned, soft-grip handles that have been made specifically to reduce discomfort and fatigue, especially if you need to apply a lot of pressure while working with them.

The company’s expertise and experience shine through from the point down to the handle. These are impeccably made.

6. ACCOCO 5-Piece High-Carbon Steel File Set

Next up we have this rather stylish and robust pack of 5 files all made with ergonomically shaped wooden handles that provide an amazing level of impact resistance, comfort and precision. Each file has also been fashioned from robust high carbon BW1C steel. Characterised by its high hardness, strength and durability.

The multipurpose collection of professional 250mm tools consists of a square, round, triangle, half-round and flat hand file, all with coarse grade cuts. They have been designed to be used in a variety of ways and are suitable for working on just about any material including glass, stone, plastic, wood and metal (such as copper, iron, tin, aluminium and many more).

Even if you have never heard of the brand name, the price these are available for and the exquisite design and styling of them makes them hard to pass up on easily. That’s how we feel anyway. When you have spent a lot of time looking at mostly plastic-handled tools, a pack with soft and comfortable wooden handles is a sight for sore eyes.

7. Bluesees 11-Piece Hardened Alloy Steel and Diamond File Set

From another relatively unknown company, Bluesees, we have another impressively low-priced hand file set. This features 10 x 160mm needle files including a double concave, cutter, square, round tapered, round, triangle, half-round, flat rectangle, oval and flat tapered options along with 1 x 8-inch flat hand file.

While the 10 smaller files are made from a mix of diamond and alloy steel, the longer hand file is manufactured from alloy steel with a hardness rating of 62HRC that ensures it will continue you to offer the strength and versatility you need for a long time.

Although the handles may look like there is nothing special about them, they have been ergonomically-machined to provide you with a comfortable grip that helps to improve the precision of your work while reducing how much fatigue you are likely to suffer from using them.

As is the case with most of the sets we’ve featured so far and the subsequent models highlighted below this one, these files have been made to work well with numerous materials including plastic, leather, stone, silver and gold jewellery, ceramics, tiles, glass, mirror, metal and wood.

On and in case you are wondering, the darkness of these tools compared to others is down to the high percentage of carbon used in their production.

8. Dylan-EU 10-Piece Diamond Needle File Set

Now for a hand file set, you are going to love if you are looking for files to carry out more precise and intricate work. From a company called Dylan-EU, this lot of files are made from a mix of diamond particles and metal and are finished with a very smart, if a little different, gold surface.

All measure at just 140mm and feature non-slip and extremely comfortable soft rubber grip handle. All of which is perfect for protecting yourself from fatigue or injury from accidental slips or drops.

With a total of ten to choose from, just about all of the main and expected hand file shapes are included, making them suitable for a variety of different tasks including polishing, grinding, deburring and roughing. It also means they are suitable for use with many different materials such as glass, ceramics, plastic, soft metal, bone, stone and wood. You can use them therefore on anything from wooden furniture to glass mirrors and even automobile parts and products.

Did we mention that for a pack of 10 metal tools you won’t need to spend more than a tenner? We wouldn’t wait around to snap up this great deal if we were you.

9. Draper 8-Piece Soft-Grip Engineer’s File and Rasp Set

We’re back with Draper for this next one. This time it’s an 8-piece collection of engineer’s rasps and files. Manufactured from high carbon steel, these are designed to last and perform well for you, time and time again, offering you a great and balanced combination of brute force and intricate precision.

The sophisticated and professional-looking handles are made from soft-grip rubber, finished with a subtle blue and black and featuring hang holes. As you can probably imagine, they won’t hurt your hand very easily, even after you’ve been working for a long time and applying a lot of pressure to them.

All those great points aside, though, the most important thing you need to know that is in this pack you get a round and half-round rasp, along with a three-square, square, round, half-round, hand and flat file. Rather than being kept inside a storage case, Draper has opted to include a trendy, effective and very portable hand file roll in the same blue and black as the handles.

10. Fedlink 12-Piece Metal Needle File Set

The final hand file lot we felt outshined many of the other sets out there is this 12-piece kit from a company called Fedlink. In this set, each of the 12 files is made high-quality metal and feature ergonomically-designed moulded plastic handles that offer an adequate degree of comfort and dexterity required for precision needle hand file work and is 140mm in length.

The 12 includes 2 x flat file hands along with a knife, crochet, crossing, oval, triangle, square, half-round, taper round and flat taper. They have been designed with all manner of delicate and detailed work in mind whether you are looking to finish off materials, metal surfaces and projects, get involved in profile cutting or have a lot of fine abrasion tasks to complete.

They may not look like anything special or as smart and striking as some of the other sets we’ve featured in this guide, but these, according to the customer reviews submitted regarding them, will perform the job they’ve been designed for well.

Metal Files – Buying Guide

While we are sure our list of the 10 best metal hand files, we’ve focused on above will help you to find the right hand file you need for the kind of jobs you’d like to complete, you may still feel a little intimidated. If you are new to buying these kinds of products, for instance, you could need a little help differentiating between one hand file from another. Hopefully, our shopping tips will help you.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy buying guide. In it, you will find a lot of the important basics you need to know when choosing a hand file set.


You will find that the majority tend to either be classified as American Pattern or Swiss Patten.

Swiss Patterns come in seven different hand file cuts, determined by their coarseness, ranging from the very coarse to the very fine, 00 to 6. These are manufactured to very exacting dimensions and are finer and smaller in comparison to their American Pattern counterparts.

Swiss Pattern hand files are normally between 3 and 6-inches in length and thanks to their narrow points and teeth that extend out to the edge, they are perfect for working in tight and small areas, being favoured by the likes of die, tool and model makers as well as watchmakers and jewellers.

American Pattern hand files come in three different cut grades – Bastard Cut (it’s the actual name), Second Cut and Smooth Cut.

Bastard Cut – this is the coarsest type and can be used to cut through various materials very quickly.

Second Cut – this is the medium coarse type cut file that can remove material quickly but offers a smoother finish than the above.

Smooth Cut – as the name suggests, this offers a nice smooth finish, thanks to the finer teeth that are also handy for preparing a surface for sanding.

With American Pattern hand files, the coarseness is not just determined by the cut, though, as the length can also have an impact. For instance, a 12-inch Bastard Cut file will be a lot coarser than a 6-inch Bastard Cut. The reason is simple – shorter ones are used for finer and more intricate work.

Generally, the finest American Pattern hand file you are likely to find will be the 4-inch Smooth, whereas the coarsest you are generally likely to find would be the 16-inch Bastard.

Types of File Faces

Another way to differentiate one file from another is by the face. Although you will mostly come across files that have either single or double-cut faces, there are four different types you need to be aware of.


Files with just one set of teeth that cut in a single direction. These are normally used for sharpening items like scissors and knives and can grind material very quickly without the need for too much pressure.


Files with two sets of teeth, both cutting material in different directions. As you would imagine, these provide much more abrasive and aggressive cuts and are used to remove smooth wooden surfaces, shape metal and even rust. More pressure is required to use these effectively.


The name speaks for itself; these files have curved surfaces that are normally used when working with plaster, fibreglass and cart parts.


These are files that feature numerous individual teeth and are predominately used for working with wood.

File Profile or Shape

Last but not least, the other main way a metal file is categorised is by their profile or shape.

Hand, Mill and Flat

Hand File

These have square points with widths that are the same along the surface, with the only changing being the thickness.

Mill Files

These get thinner and narrower along the surface

Flat Files

These are thicker in the middle and gradually get narrower and thinner towards the edges

Half-Round Metal File

Half-Round files feature both a curved side and a flat side.

Round Metal File

These are files that are rounded and feature teeth around them. They are often referred to as rat-tails and are normally used for smoothing metal by removing any burrs and making round openings bigger.

Square Metal File

Square files have four sides that can be used for cutting and are generally used to make square-shaped openings much bigger.

Triangle or Tapered

Triangle or tapered files have three sides, with two being designed for cutting and one for smoothing off surfaces.

These have a variety of uses from sharpening teeth on various garden tools to be filing corners to create perfect squares and working with materials with angles of less than 90-degrees.


There you have its folks, our guide to the best metal file sets available right now in the UK. We hope after you’ve had a chance to check out the reviews and our detailed buying guide, you have a better understanding of the intimidating world of these incredibly useful hand files

Our part in helping you find the right hand file is done. We’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting and research for you, presented you our findings and offered some insight into what you should be looking for, the rest is up to you now.

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