Best Garage Floor Paint UK

For anyone who wishes to retain the beauty of their garage floor, investing in a quality garage floor paint is a must. It protects the original surface against friction, daily wear and tear and footprints while enhancing the look of the garage at the same time. Normal paint wouldn’t last long on the garage floor, so you have to opt for specially curated garage floor paints. And in case you have come across a few cracks and fissures here and there on the garage floor, a good coat of paint can hide them pretty effortlessly.

If you’re wondering which is the best garage floor paint in the UK, then you’re at the right place. To help you out in your quest, here we have listed down the 10 best garage floor paints in the UK, that are going to make your painting experience a lot easier.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in! 

Top 10 Garage Floor Paints UK

1. TA Paints Multi-Purpose Floor Paint 

The first garage floor paint on our list is the Multi-Purpose Floor Paint from the house of TA Paints. This is an ideal choice for painting garage floors. You can apply this item on a wide range of surfaces, including wood, stone floors, metal, and so on.

This hard-wearing paint is oil-based, and it comes with a touch-dry formula. Within a span of 2 to 4 hours, the paint dries up. You have to allow a period of at least 12 to 24 hours, before moving on with another coat of paint. Each litre of this product has the capacity to cover an area of 8 square centimetres.

To get the best results, you have to apply two coats on your floors. There is no need to invest in a primer, as the first coat will fulfil the role of a primer. This garage floor paint works as a dust sealer, and also offers protection to the surface from external elements.


  • Applicable to different types of floors
  • Easy to apply
  • Doesn’t require a primer
  • Takes time to dry completely


2. Epoxy Floor Paint by Floorsaver 

Next on our garage floor paint list, we have the Epoxy Floor Paint by Floorsaver. If you’re on the lookout for a durable garage floor paint, you can give this one a try. This premium quality paint can endure the damages caused by heavy vehicles, without ruining the floor. This one is suitable for all purposes, be it domestic and commercial.

Once you apply this paint, the floor will be well-protected from dust and wear and tear. Besides offering chemical resistance, this heavy-duty product also seals the surface efficiently.

Unlike most other garage paints, this one doesn’t have any toxic odour, so you can use it in confined places. After approximately 12 hours of the first coating, you can go ahead with the second coat. With this product, your floors will be much more durable and scratch-free. So if you want an easy, mess-free painting experience, this one is a great option.


  • Pros
    • Odour-free
    • Provides chemical resistance
    • Suitable for domestic and industrial needs
    • Coverage could have been better


3. Polar Premium Dust Proof Concrete Floor Sealer

On number 3 on our garage floor paint list, we have the Polar Premium Dust Proof Concrete Floor Sealer. This is an acrylic product that gives off a light shiny finish after application. It also makes your floors dust-proof and properly sealed.

With low viscosity, this concrete floor sealer offers better penetration, so that the floor remains well-protected. This one is specially made for interior floors, such as garage floors, rooms, and so on.

The low odour formula makes it a safer option, as compared to the various other products available out there. It is pretty easy to paint on and maintain. It dries within a span of a few hours. To get the desired results, apply double coats.

  • Easy to apply
  • Low odour
  • Dries fast
  • Not entirely odour-free


4. Floor Paint Paintmaster Polyurethane

Next on our garage floor paint list, let’s check out the Polyurethane Floor Paint from Paintmaster. This is an effective option that transforms the look of any surface in an instant. The colours are pretty solid and last for a long time.

To get the optimum results, you should apply 2 coats on your garden or garage floors. It may take a long time to dry, as it has a thick density. The drying time usually varies, depending on the thickness of the coat that you have applied.

Applying it, is very easy, and so is cleaning up. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to refinish your floors, go ahead with this one.


  • Easy to apply
  • Offers good finish
  • Affordable
  • The shade is light
  • Not very durable


5. QD Alkyd Floor Paint 

The QD Alkyd Floor Paint is another high-quality paint from the house of Paintmaster. This is a water-based paint that you can apply on your outdoor floors, as well as on your garage floors. It takes some time to dry properly but offers a good finish.

To get good coverage, apply two coats. Thanks to the creamy texture, it glides on the surface with ease, so applying the paint is not a hassle. It offers a vibrant finish, but the colour is not as durable.

  • Vibrant colour
  • Easy to apply
  • Offers a good finish
  • Doesn’t come with a label or an instruction


6. Blackfriar Polyurethane Floor Paint 

The Blackfriar Polyurethane Floor Paint is the 6th item on our list. This premium quality garage floor paint is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Therefore, not just your garage floor, you can also make use of this one for refinishing your patio, staircases, and so on. This particular one is available in 6 colours, including white, mid grey, dark grey, black, red tile and light grey.

It offers a hard-wearing finish for your floors, and at the same time, offers protection to the surface from damage and decay. Be it wood, metal, cement, concrete floors, or brick, this product is applicable to all types of surfaces. It is best suitable for garages that experience light foot traffic and vehicular traffic. Its unique formula prevents oil and grease accumulation, so even after a busy day at the garage, the floor is sure to remain completely clean and proper.

Application process is uncomplicated. With every litre, it offers a coverage of 12 to 15 square meters. It takes around 16 hours to dry completely.


  • Offers good coverage
  • Beautiful finish and colour
  • Prevents the accumulation of grease
  • Needs multiple coats


7. Blackfriar Anti-Slip Floor Paint

The 7th best garage floor paint item is another painting from Blackfriar– the anti-slip floor paint. As the name indicates, this one is specially designed for making your floors skid-proof to ensure utmost safety. You can apply it both indoors and outdoors, and it offers a semi-glossy finish after drying up.

In case you’re looking for a high-opacity paint for garage floors that also lasts for a long time, this can be your best bet. It comes in a subtle grey colour, available in a tin of 5 litres. This tough paint suits well on different types of surfaces, including concrete, tiles, wood, masonry, metal, etc.

For places that experience foot traffic or light vehicle traffic, this product works its charm to keep the surface of the floor intact. This one offers coverage of 6 to 10 square meters with 1 litre of paint, depending on the thickness of the coat that you’re applying. At an average temperature of 20°C, it takes about 4 to 6 hours to dry completely.


  • Easy to apply
  • Applicable to different kinds of surfaces
  • Contains anti-slip properties
  • You have to mix the paint well before application


8. Ronseal DHGFPS25L 2.5L Diamond Hardgarage Floor Paint 

The 8th garage floor paint we have here is the Diamond Hardgarage from Ronseal. If you need a hardcore protective layer for your garage floor, this one can be a good pick. This acrylic paint offers a water-based formula that is easy to paint on and clean.

If your garage floor is made of concrete or stone, this product will work its best. Besides making the surface chemical resistant, the Ronseal paint also ensures that the floor can tolerate all the wear and tear without breaking a sweat.

Things such as battery acid, brake fluid, screenwash, diesel, etc. can cause harm to the concrete flooring or stone flooring of your garage. This is where the Diamond Hardgarage paint comes into the picture. It keeps the surface intact, and it retains its finish for a long time. 1 litre of this can cover 12 square metres, with a drying time of a minimum of 2 hours. To get the best results, you should go for double coats.


  • Protects the stone and concrete garage floor
  • Water-based formula
  • Durable
  • You need to prepare the floor well before application


9. West Lancs Paints 20 LTR Floor Paint

On number 9, let’s take a look at the Floor Paint offered by West Lancs Paints. This water-based acrylic paint is available in a tin of 20 litres. Meant for interior use, you can apply this product on your garage. It serves both domestic and commercial needs. It is available in a host of colours, including grey, black, dark grey and tile red.

After applying this garage floor paint, walking on the garage surface will become much more convenient, and cleaning would be trouble-free. Moreover, your surface will be protected from the damages caused by heavy cars and machines. With one litre of this paint, you can cover an area of 10 square metres.

To keep your floors safe, and provide it with chemical resistance, feel free to choose this heavy-duty floor paint.


  • Protects the floor from damage
  • Cleaning the floor becomes easy
  • Provides chemical resistance
  • Not very durable


10. Armstead 5218610 Trade Floor Paint

Last but not least, here we have the Armstead Trade Floor Paint. This one is available in a tin of 5 litres, in grey colour. You can apply this on wood, steel and concrete and stone floors to get a nice finish. For your garage flooring, the most important quality that a floor paint must have is durability. This is a heavy-duty flor paint that can handle rough handling pretty well, so the smooth finish will last for a long time.

Thanks to the solvent-based formula, you can apply it on the surface without any hassle. Even with foot traffic and pressure of wheels, the paint doesn’t lose its glory. From home to office or any other industrial spaces, this paint can be useful for multiple occasions.

To keep your garage floor well-maintained, this paint can be an ideal option.


  • Solvent-based; easy to apply
  • Lasts for a long time without wearing away
  • Can endure light pressure of wheels and foot traffic
  • May not survive high vehicle traffic

Best Garage Floor Paint UK: Buying Guide

Before buying a garage floor paint, here are a few things that you must keep in mind. This compact and comprehensive buying guide will help you address your requirements with clarity, and you will be able to find the perfect product that ticks all the boxes.


Just like any other paint, your garage floor paint has to offer good coverage. Without satisfactory coverage, you will need to apply multiple coats to get the desired finish. So before investing in any product, don’t forget to check their capacity.


If the paint wears off after a few days, it would be a total waste of money. So you should only go for paints that have greater durability. When you invest in high-quality paint, it will retain the look and finish for years. All you need is a little bit of background research so that you have a clear idea about which ones have more tenacity.


The main motive behind purchasing a garage floor paint is to protect the surface from damage. Make sure that the product you’re choosing is a heavy-duty floor paint has the capability to keep the floor safe from vehicular footprints, chemical damage, and so on.


You will come across a number of products in the market that emit a toxic fume after application. It is not safe for your health, especially if you’re working in an enclosed environment. Opt for a garage floor paint that is comparatively safer, and doesn’t produce any toxic odour.


Garage floor paints are either water-based, solvent-based or oil-based. Out of these, the water-based products are easier to apply, and in most cases, they have quick drying time.


The floor paints contain chemicals that are not completely safe for your body. So while applying the paint, don’t forget to take the necessary precautions. To avoid inhaling the fume, cover your face with a mask, and try to work in a place that has ample room for ventilation.

Final Thoughts

It’s not a cakewalk to choose one particular garage floor paint out of so many options available in the UK so we hope our garage floor paint reviews have helped you. Before you are troubled by the numerous products you see around, we have made your work a lot easier. Instead of searching among random products, now you can pick one out of the top 10 best garage floor paints that we have hand picked for you. Read the product summaries carefully, and bring home the one that meets all your requirements.

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