Best Exterior Masonry Paint UK

Applying a fresh coat of paint on the exterior masonry surface seems like a simple process from the outside. You would just get hold of paint and colour away according to your taste. Right? Well, it’s not that simple. Choosing exterior masonry paint is not an easy task. It is quite a tricky job to execute. There are a lot of factors that you need to address before you go on to buy the perfect product for yourself.

Fortunately, we have summed up here everything you need to know about exterior masonry paints in the UK. You need to know what type of paint should work best on your wall, the properties and of course your budget. But don’t worry, we have scoured through every nook and corner of the internet and have curated the best options for you, covering all the bases. So without further ado let’s check out the best exterior masonry paints in the UK.

Top 10 Exterior Masonry Paints UK

1. Polar Premium Smooth White Masonry Paint

To start off the best list, we have the Polar Premium Smooth White Masonry Paint. This wall guard has a smooth finish that is both decorative and long-lasting. The paint can be used on exterior structures such as walls, annexes and cottages. This is an ‘eco paint’ which means this is a harmless water-based product manufactured to protect your walls without any issues. One important parameter to judge the effectiveness of exterior wall paints is their breathability. The paints should allow moisture and air to transfer through the walls to the outside. This improves the insulating properties of the walls. The Polar Premium White Masonry Paint is a great one at that. It not only improves the insulating properties of the wall but also reduces energy consumption. On the surface, it’s flexible and waterproof.

This paint is quick-drying and it takes only 1-2 hours to dry and you can apply another coat on top of it after a few hours. Before applying the coat, it’s important to make sure the walls aren’t damp. Building faults that enable the wall to retain moisture should be fixed before applying the paint. It’s generally advised to not set on working with the exterior paints if the temperature is low or if there’s a possibility of rain. If you are not going to apply the paint right away, don’t worry, the product can last up to 2 years if stored properly.

  • Extremely smooth and easy to apply
  • Protects the walls nicely
  • Dries quickly
  • Needs at least 2 coats


2. Basildon Paints Masonry Paint

Basildon Paints Masonry Paint is another great exterior paint that gets the job done without any fuss. That’s why it is at number 2 in our list.

In order to get the ultimate effect, some steps need to be followed before applying the paint. It is very important to clean the surface before applying the paint. If the surface has already gone through a coat of paint before then it needs to be washed, along with any dirt or grease. For extremely uneven surfaces or surfaces with holes, combinations of cements and sands need to be applied. Once everything is filled and the surface is dry, then the exterior paint can be applied. It’s extremely easy to apply and will last for a long time. The usual conditions regarding the weather and outside temperature need to be followed for all kinds of paint jobs. And this one is no exception either.

  • Easy to apply
  • Lasts long
  • Works like a charm
  • The colour can come out darker than advertised


3. Leyland Trade 300694 Smooth Masonry

At number 3 we have the Leyland Trade Smooth Paint. This is another great one if you are looking forward to protecting your exteriors from daily grinds.

The durability of the paint is advertised quite aggressively and the product is claimed to last up to 15 years. That’s a solid amount of time for a paint to weather all the troubles on the behalf of your walls. The paint is suitable for all masonry surfaces and it will protect the surfaces from atmospheric pollutants as well.

But one property that sets this Masonry Paint apart from the competition is its anti-carbonation property. Carbon dioxide can lead to the carbonation of concrete making it deteriorate sooner than expected. It also results in the corrosion of steel reinforcement bars. The coat protects the surfaces from the attack of carbon dioxide which in turn also extends the lifespan of the walls.

  • Covers well
  • Smooth finish
  • Easy to apply
  • The colour can be a bit different than advertised
  • Packaging is not the best in class


4. HQC Smooth Masonry Paint

This Paint takes the number 4 spot on our best masonry paint list thanks to its industry-leading weatherproof innovations. The paint is designed with acrylic resin giving your exterior surfaces the optimal protection they deserve. This is another eco-friendly product that is suitable for most exterior surfaces including plaster, concrete, brick and stone walls.

The Paint nicely repels water so you can be assured that your exterior walls will be safe from usual rains and splashes. What more? It’s also high scrub resistant. The paint claims to keep the exteriors squeaky clean while protecting the exterior walls for years. Sounds like everything you can ask for from an exterior masonry paint.

  • Colours come out the way advertised
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent quality
  • Occasionally, the effectiveness of the paint can be an issue


5. Paint Master Exterior Acrylic Masonry

Up next, we have the Paint Master Exterior Acrylic Masonry Paint. For those who are looking for a quality exterior masonry paint that gets the job done without breaking a bank, this might be your option. The Paint Master Exterior Acrylic Masonry Paint is one of the cheapest options out there. But don’t let the price fool you. You still get the reliable coat just like the rest.

The exterior acrylic masonry paint is weatherproof so your walls are safe when it comes to regular wear and tear.

It works on most surfaces, and 2-3 comprehensive coats will be good enough in most cases.

  • Great coverage
  • Easy to apply
  • Relatively cheaper in comparison
  • Thin consistency
  • Light grey colour can be a letdown


6. Sandtex 5 Litres Ultra Smooth Masonry Paint

When it comes to protecting the surface, this Masonry Paint is an absolute beast. It comes boosted by the Microseal technology which makes the paint a formidable protector. To begin with, the creamy texture covers more surface easily and very quickly.

The paint is great at resisting peeling and occasional flaking. On top of that, it doesn’t let dirt and mould add up on the walls. Apart from its dirt resistance properties, it is also quick drying and rainproof in just 1 hour. This is a great addition that will surely make your life easier. You can easily apply the masonry paint Sandtex on most exterior surfaces including pebbledash, roughcast, concrete, and other masonry surfaces. Depending on the surface texture, 1 litre of this paint can cover anything between 12 and 16 square meters. The brilliant white option is also one of the cheapest options you can buy in the UK.

  • Thick and smooth texture
  • Covers extremely well
  • Protects the surfaces as advertised
  • Flawed packaging results in spillage
  • Few colours may not come as advertised


7. Leyland 303140 Granocryl Smooth Masonry

Up next we have the Leyland 303140 Granocryl Smooth Masonry Paint. It is another paint that will go light on your purse while doing a perfect job. The paint is formulated in a way to give you the all-around protective shield. It will last longer and it’s designed as an all-weather friend, literally. It is manufactured keeping the issues of moulds in mind and the product does a good job as a mould resistant paint.

You can use this versatile product on most surfaces. From brickwork, pebbledash, concrete, roughcast to other similar masonry surfaces, the paint smoothly covers everything.

  • Thick and smooth finish
  • Spreads fast, covers well
  • Easy to use
  • Has a possibility to come with damaged packaging resulting in leakage
  • Multiple coats need to be applied


8. Rustins MASPB250 Masonry Paint

On number 8 of our best masonry paint list we have the Rustins MASPB250 Masonry Paint. This is another solid performer when it comes to protecting exteriors.

. In order to get the most out of the paint, the surface needs to be prepared before applying the paint. It’s better to keep the surface clean and dry before a fresh coat of paint. If the surface has already gone through coatings in the past then it’s ideal to remove the finish and if it has major cracks, then it’s always important to fill them with sand and cement. If a fresh mortar is applied on the surface then there’s no need for any primers.

However, the biggest selling point of Rustins MASPB250 Masonry Paint is its quick drying functionality. The paint is claimed to be quick-drying in around 30 minutes which is just amazing. For a re-coat, it is better to wait for 4 hours. The product comes in a matt finish so it will not only protect your exteriors, but it will also look good while doing so.

  • A small amount goes a long way
  • Dries off quickly
  • Doesn’t work at all on slightly damp surfaces
  • Damaged packaging


9. Sandtex Retail Ultra Smooth Masonry

Up next on our best masonry paint list, we have the Sandtex Retail Ultra Smooth Masonry Paint. Just like the previous Sandtex exterior masonry paint, this one too comes with the Microseal technology. This means that your surface is bound to get premium protection. The unique wax protection makes the paint waterproof. This is obviously one of the most important features for exterior paint.

The product is claimed to last around 15 years which is pretty nice. The two-way breathable surface makes sure that air can get out easily while moisture is prevented from getting in. The breathability is really an important factor for good paints and seems like this one is up to the mark in all the departments.

  • Good coverage
  • Easy to apply
  • Lasts longer
  • It’s better to double-check the price


10. Dulux Weather Shield Smooth Masonry Paint

The next one on our best masonry paint list is one that is formulated using acrylic resins meaning you are getting a solid protection. It is another long-lasting product claimed to give the ultimate protection for up to 15 years. Thanks to the UV resistant formula you will get a wall devoid of cracking, peeling or flaking. Speaking of resistance, this Dulux product also prevents the growth of moulds and algae.

This paint efficiently lets the air and moisture get released but at the same time stops rain droplets to enter and weaken the walls. The flexibility also helps in covering minor cracks. The paint just doesn’t end there. It claims to take approximately 30 minutes to dry off which is great in comparison to the other options in the market.

  • Extremely easy to apply
  • Reliable coverage
  • Long-lasting
  • Can arrive in damaged packaging
  • One coat may not be enough

Exterior Masonry Paint in the UK: Buying Guide

Surface Area

If you have decided that it’s time for your exteriors to get a makeover, then going for a nice and thick masonry paint is a wise decision. But before actually going to look up and buy a product you have to figure out the total area we are talking about. It can be just a few square meters to over a hundred square meters. If you are more comfortable with feet then you can do some basic calculations for that as well. Most good exterior masonry paints sell from just a few millilitres to a few litres. So you can order your paint and the specific amount of paint, judging by the surface you have in focus. We have listed down products that come in both small and large quantities. You just need to calculate the amount you need from the given descriptions to make sure you don’t run out of paint halfway through or you don’t need to find extra space to keep the extra paint.


What sets exterior paints apart from the generic ones is their ability to provide a protective shield to the walls. Which means they can effectively stop rains from coming in contact with the building materials. But it needs to work both ways. The masonry paint needs to be waterproof obviously, but it should also be porous enough to let the air and moisture of the interiors to go outside. The breathability helps the moisture to be released in the air making the interior temperature nice and perfect. This, in turn, can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the house as proper insulation comes into the play. All good exterior masonry paints swear by their abilities to perfectly handle the rain, moisture and air but there’s always a few that perform better than the rest. So when you are searching for a great looking exterior paint, make sure to check how effective they actually are.


When you apply a fresh coat of masonry paint you don’t expect to go back to the painting wall by the turn of the year. The fundamental reason to go for these type of paints is their ability to protect the bricks and concretes, for a long amount of time. And for this, it’s always preferable to apply 2 coats of paints instead of just one. When we are talking about great these type of paints, the usual number is close to a decade. Some even go a step higher and claim to last for up to 15 years and be dirt resistant. The outside conditions and the materials differ a lot, but you should still expect years of solid service. Cheaper options may not be able to perform exceedingly well in this department.


This is a matter of personal choice. You can try out a different range of colours that will make your property stand out from the rest. But while buying them make sure you are not going for products that have a bad history of delivering false colours. You wouldn’t want to order a brick red paint only to receive a velvet red variation. So always make sure that the customers aren’t complaining too much about the wrong colours. Going for reliable brands that have tried and tested products will help you a lot in these scenarios.

Final Thoughts

It’s really all about personal preferences. From figuring out how much you would actually need to what colour you would prefer, always make sure the claims of the company are always backed such as if they are dirt-resistant and mould resistant.

The breathability is the most important factor here and you will do well to go for products that are mentioned in our best list. So just find your favourite paint, and it’s time for a makeover.

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