Best Budget Gaming Chair UK

You can be a dedicated gamer or an office-goer who has to sit in front of the computer for long hours– a gaming chair can be of great help. They can also be used as office chairs and offer support to your arms, back and neck, and reduce the chances of aching and discomfort. You may think that all gaming chairs cost a fortune, but that isn’t the case. There are plenty of budget gaming chairs available in the UK, and we have chosen the best PC gaming chair for you for your long gaming sessions.

So without further ado, let’s take a glance at the 10 best budget gaming chairs in the UK! 

Top 10 Budget Gaming Chairs

1.YOURLITEAMZ Computer Gaming Chair

The first best budget gaming chair UK that we have found out for you is the Computer Gaming Chair from YOURLITEAMZ. Available in a classic black and blue design, this gaming chair comes with a comfy footrest and a high swivel chair for more convenience. Whether it’s for hardcore gaming or your office work, this gaming chair is extremely comfortable to sit on for longer hours.

There is a height adjustment option on the seat according to your preference, and you can also use the tilt mechanism to bend up to 150°. Thanks to its strong build, this gaming chair can bear up to 150 kgs of weight. The seat is made of premium PU leather that not only is durable but is also easy to clean and maintain. The additional foam padding keeps your back well-rested and it does have a high back.

So if you’re on the lookout for a budget gaming chair, this one can be an ideal option. You can either purchase this for yourself, or you may gift it to someone who loves PC gaming and playing games.

  • Made of premium quality PU
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comfortable design with 150° reclining, padded seats and footrest
  • The armrest could be stronger


2. Requena Sport Alpha Desk Chair Adjustable Office Gaming Racing Chair

The second best budget gaming chair on our list is the Requena Sport Alpha Desk Adjustable Office Gaming Racing Chair. There is a height adjustment lever on the side of the chair depending on your need. The supporting headrest and armrest are made of PU, and they are designed to last long.

The seat has additional padding to keep your back fully supported while you’re busy playing an interesting game. The gaming hair is available in classic black colour, with an added pop of colour to enhance its look further.

With this chair, tilting high back or swivelling becomes very easy. It allows a great amount of flexibility, and you can adjust the features to suit your requirements. This gaming chair comes with extra pillows for resting your head and back, and if needed, you can remove them whenever you want. Available within an affordable rate, this chair is a steal deal that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with extra pillows for your comfort
  • Adjustable height and armrest
  • The primary material is inexpensive plastic


3. Millhouse New Designed Racing Sport Swivel Office Gaming Chair

Next, on our best budget gaming chair list, we have the Millhouse New Designed Racing Sport Swivel Office Gaming Chair. This beautiful black gaming chair has a seat and armrest made of PU leather, and the adjustable length of the gaming chair varies between 106 cm to 116 cm.

Thanks to the design it allows a 360° swivel. If you want, you can lock the lever of the chair and keep it at a standstill position. Add this gaming chair to your games room, and experience a world of convenience, comfort and functionality. Although it’s not the sturdiest PC gaming chairs out there, this one is a quality chair for a budget find.

  • Provides a good amount of support
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable height
  • Not very sturdy


4. HOBFU Gaming Chair Office Desk Chair

On number 4 on our best budget gaming chair list, let’s check out the HOBFU Gaming Chair/ Office Desk Chair. You can get the right angle and seat height with this gaming chair, thanks to its convenient design and structure. To stay away from an aching back, use the pillows that come with the gaming chair.

You can recline or bend the gaming chair up to 180° thanks to a great tilt mechanism, and the swivelling option allows you to have greater flexibility. You can remove the lumbar support pillow if you want, but it does provide a great deal of back support if you have some long hours gaming ahead of you.

  • Comfortable
  • Good support
  • Suitable for adults
  • There is no option for locking the position of the chair


5. IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair High Back Office Chair

The IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair/ High Back Office Chair is the 5th best budget gaming chair on the list. The wide and sturdy racing seats are of great quality. It comes with 8-inch thickness, which testifies for its longevity.

You can adjust the height of the gaming chair according to your requirements, and there are padded armrests to support your arms while you’re engrossed in the gaming world.

Thanks to its sturdiness, the gaming chair can tolerate up to 150 kgs, making it a good fit for adults and office workers.

  • Easy installation
  • Padded armrest
  • Adjustable height
  • Low headrest


6. IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chairs,Ergonomic Computer Office Chair

Next, let’s talk about the IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair which is the 6th chair on our best budget gaming chairs list. Suitable for office and as a dedicated gaming chair, this one allows you to adjust the height so that you can sit comfortably for long. Say goodbye to body ache, as this gaming chair will provide you with all the back support you need and would work well as an office chair as its quite plain to look at.

The racing chair can tolerate up to 120 kgs of weight, and the revolving feature ensures that your long gaming sessions are flexible and comfy. The 5 pointed frame at the bottom is quite sturdy, allowing you to swivel. The faux leather chair is sturdy and good for playing games for a long time.

  • Adjustable height
  • Quality PU leather
  • Sturdy
  • Armrest padding could have been thicker


7. X-Rocker Chimera RGB LED Rocker Gaming Chair with Speakers, 2.0 Audio Foldable Floor Seat

The X-Rocker Chimera RGB LED Rocker Gaming Chair is unlike the ones we have already mentioned before. Made of faux leather, this folding gaming chair utilizes the latest technologies to include an LED lighting system into the system. With an array of 30 colours and different light patterns, this gaming chair is a showstopper.

The chair has a sound system attached to it so that you have a seamlessly pleasing experience which is what makes it one of the best gaming chairs. You can also use it for watching movies and playing music as well.  This is more one of those console gaming chairs rather than a pc gaming chair.

  • Good quality speakers
  • Comfortable
  • Beautiful lights
  • Height is not adjustable


8. JL Comfurni Gaming Chair Ergonomic Swivel Office PC Desk Chair 

Up next, let us take a look at the JL Comfurni Gaming Chair. The vibrant hue adds a pop of colour to your gaming zone, she the comfy swivel ensures that you don’t miss out on the fun while playing computer games. The ergonomic design is accentuated by the cushioned seat and lumbar support backrest. It comes with 2 additional pillows to ensure more convenience.

You can also use this gaming chair in your office, or as a part of your work from home setup. In between breaks, you can recline on the gaming chair to get some respite. You can adjust the position and height of the armrest according to your convenience. The back seat can be bent from 90° to 170°.

The seat is made of soft faux leather that allows air circulation and lasts long too. The soft cushion that comes with this chair reduces neck pain or back pain that often occurs as a result of long working hours. If you wish to purchase a quality product within a budget, this can be a great option.

  • Easy to set up
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Suitable for adults
  • The seat paddling isn’t thick enough


9. DEER HUNTER Gaming Style Computer Office Desk Chair

On number 9, we have included the DEER HUNTER Gaming Style Computer Office Desk Chair. The black and blue seat is made of soft artificial leather that is durable and cosy at the same time. The padded layers provide extra support for the long hours of gaming.

The base of the gaming chair is extremely hardy, equipped with 5 strong wheels that help it revolve a full 360 degrees. To provide lumbar support, the gaming chair has a reclining design, allowing you to rest and recline whenever needed. This feature helps in maintaining the right posture while you’re working on playing a game for a very long duration.

The main frame of the chair is made of high-quality steel that is sure to last for years to come. This one is an SGS certified chair, so you can purchase it without any further hesitation.

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comfortable recliner
  • 360° revolving chair
  • Small in size


10. IntimaTe WM Heart Fabric Gaming Chair, Breathable Racing Office Chair for Bedroom

Last but not least, the final item on our list is the IntimaTe WM Heart Fabric Gaming Chair. Available in a classic grey hue, this budget gaming chair makes use of premium quality breathable cloth material for making the seat, instead of using leather. The fabric ensures proper air ventilation so that you don’t feel hot even during summers. The breathability of the material makes it durable and comfortable.

The recliner allows the gaming chair to bend up to 135°. During a long and tiring gaming session or a busy office day, you can recline for a bit and relax your back on this gaming chair. The armrest is cushioned to provide optimum support, and you can adjust it to your preference. The backrest is suitable for adults, with a high structure to ensure convenience. It can bear up to 150 kgs of weight.

This chair has been designed keeping in mind the racing car seats. Thanks to its stylish look, it can be a perfect fit as an office chair and is a great option for a cheap gaming chair.


  • Beautiful and ergonomic design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Soft and comfortable seat made of breathable fabric
  • Makes creaking sounds


Best Budget Gaming Chair UK: Buying Guide

Before investing in the best budget gaming chair, here are a few key elements that you must consider as the gaming chair market is full of choice and you want to make sure you get value for money.


Usually, gaming chairs have a wheeled bottom that allows them to revolve. You have to make sure that the lower structure of the gaming chair is made of steel, to eliminate any risk of future damage. Steel is sturdy, hard and resistant to corrosion, so that’s why it remains as the most popular choice of material. When it comes to the seat, you will find leather or faux leather, and in some cases, soft cloth materials. The breathable fabric allows air circulation in the gaming chair, making sure that the person using it doesn’t feel any sort of discomfort. The faux leather material also lasts long, and it’s also easy to clean.

Size/ Capacity 

Another key factor that you must keep in mind is the size of the gaming chair, along with its weight-bearing capacity. If you’re looking for a gaming chair for kids or young teens, you can go for the smaller ones. But for older teens and adults, you have to go for a full-sized chair. The best part about these chairs is that they are multifunctional– you can use them in your study room, in the office, or simply as a stylish addition to your gaming setup.

Additional Features 

For comfortable user experience, you have to check for certain additional features. For example, you must look for a product that has a footrest and an armrest, so that your body doesn’t ache while you’re glued to your screen. Also, make sure that the gaming chair has the revolving feature, and you can use it as a recliner whenever required.

Ease of Installation 

Always go for gaming chairs that are easy to install, so that you can do the setup on your own. In most cases, assembling the gaming chair doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes. All you need to do is follow the instructions carefully, and you will be done with the installation in the blink of an eye.

Final Thoughts

By now, we are sure you have been able to find out the best budget gaming chair for yourself. So go on, make a purchase, and immerse yourself into the world of gaming without compromising on your wellbeing and comfort.

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