Best Battery Powered Security Light UK

Are you looking for battery operated outdoor lights? Worry not. You have come to the right place. We bring to you the best battery powered outdoor security lights for your outdoors. Looking online from a pool of options can be a little overwhelming. Especially when all of them claim to be better than the best. So we decided to come to your rescue and curate the list of the best products so that you can read, review and decide for yourself.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and check out some of the best battery outdoor security lights available in the UK, that are listed below.

Best Battery Powered Security Lights

1.Mr Beams MB312 Wireless Battery-Powered LED Spotlight with Motion-Sensing and Light-Sensing


Mr Beams MB312 Wireless Battery-Powered LED Spotlight with Motion-Sensing and Light-Sensing clearly tops our list as it is the perfect light for lighting dark driveways, pathways, walkways, stairways and other dimly lit areas in the house. The 80 lumens of bright white light let out by the best LEDs used in MB312 sensors is enough to light up any dark space up to 350-square feet. The sensors get activated on detecting 180 degrees of motion from as far as 30 feet away and the light is lit immediately. And after 30 seconds of no activity, the light is turned off again automatically to conserve power.

What’s more? The LED used in Mr. Beams never needs replacement and can be used for up to 1800 activations in a single set of batteries. The super outdoor security light is highly durable and weatherproof, as the tight seals and weather-resistant material used in the making, make it efficient for it to work in all weather conditions. The kit comes with 3 screws, 2 mounting brackets and user manual, in addition to the 2 lights.

  • 1-year battery life with approx. 8-10 activations per day
  • Wireless Installation
  • Battery Powered
  • Not affected by power outages
  • Waterproof
  • Not as bright as floodlights


2. Mr. Beams MB330 Wireless Weatherproof Battery Operated 140 Lumens LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell


The second item on our list is Mr. Beams MB330 Wireless Weatherproof Battery Operated 140 Lumens LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell, which is an amazing motion sensor wireless battery. The LED sensors used to produce extremely bright floodlight that is best for your poorly lit outdoors and streets. In addition to that, the PIR motion sensor can detect even faint movements for up to 9 metres making it very effective for your home outdoor security systems and automatic safety.

Mr. Beams MB330 is also super effective and long-lasting as it can be operated on a single set of batteries for up to a year or more, depending on the usage. Thanks to its excellent power management features and patented technology, it also helps in saving power. It is considered perfect value for money and is best used for pathways, gardens, driveways and streets.

  • Weatherproof
  • Simple installation
  • 30-sec auto shut off
  • 1-year battery life
  • Not good for mood lighting


3. NICREW 600-Lumen Outdoor LED Security Light, Battery Powered Wireless Motion Sensor Light

With a light intensity of up to 600 lumens, NICREW 600-Lumen Outdoor LED Security Light is unquestionably one of the brightest outdoor lights available that are also battery powered and have motion sensors. They are capable of lighting entire driveways, entrances, full gardens, garages and any other large space that needs lighting around your house. These sensors can detect motion from around 18 feet and can also immediately shut off after 20 seconds of no- motion, thus, preserving battery life and power.

Powered by 4 D-Cell batteries (that can last for up to a year), the NICREW 600-Lumen batteries are also weather-resistant, waterproof and made with UV resistant material which means they can work in all weather conditions without fail. It also comes with a super quick installation guide and saves you the hassle of calling an electrician. Other than providing instant home outdoor security, the light is also waterproof and water-resistant which makes it more durable and functional in all weather conditions and climates.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Automatic 20 sec shut off energy-efficient LED
  • Functional in all weather conditions
  • Luminosity gets weak eventually


4. Proxinova Sensor Light Outdoor Bright Wireless Dummy Camera Motion Sensor LED Porchlight/Spotlight

Next on our list is the very effective and durable Proxinova Sensor Light Outdoor Bright Wireless Dummy Camera Motion Sensor LED Porchlight/Spotlight which comes with 360 degrees rotating feature in addition to the motion sensor and low power consumption quality. The manufacturers promise 100% accuracy with the motion sensor; they have an auto on/off feature and they stay on for 30 seconds after detecting motion and finally turn off after there is no movement detected.

The lights come with an in-built section of 9 bright LED bulbs that let out light that is ideal for lighting outdoor spaces like stairs, pathways, driveways, closets, garden and stairways etc. Besides, the LED bulbs are supposed to last 100,000 hours making it one of our best options on this list. Another unique feature about the lights is its camera-like shape which makes it look like a sleek CCTV camera and prevents intruders and trespassers.

  • Super bright- 800 lumens
  • 360 degree rotating head
  • A camera like a shape deters trespassers and intruders
  • Lets out a narrow beam of light


5. Auraglow Battery Operated Motion Activated PIR Sensor Removable Cordless LED Security Light 

The compact and aesthetic Auraglow Lights deserve a special mention as these are ideal to be used for outdoor as well as indoor lighting. The 3 LED bulbs used here are also motion activated and battery operated which makes it all the more useful and easy to use. The PIR motion sensor can detect motion for up to 4 metres away and they light up immediately with an automatic turn off bandwidth of 20 seconds. Besides, they also have a 360 degree rotating head which doubles their utility.

The beautiful round shape enables the lights to be used as a hand held torches and lamps as well. They come with an Auto, On and Off switch and the lights can last for up to 50,000 hours. The motion sensor only functions in the darkness thus, saving power and making the Auraglow lights energy efficient.

  • Energy efficient
  • Hand-held
  • Aesthetic shape
  • 360 degree rotating head
  • The auto sensor works only in pitch-black darkness


6. Xtralite NiteSafe X2 Twin Security LED Floodlight

Xtralite NiteSafe X2 Twin Security LED Floodlight is one of the best flood lights when it comes to luminosity. They also come with two adjacent lights which are motion activated and have adjustable heads. They produce a combined power of 400 lumens and the heads can swivel vertically and horizontally. The sensors have been designed to detect a motion at a range of 6 metres at 180 degrees. Besides, the lights can run on just 3 C batteries.

Xtralite Twin Lights can stay activated for up to 15 seconds on detecting motion after which they shut off on their own to preserve power and conserve energy. Besides, it comes with an easy installation trick and a user manual that can help you fix it in under 5 minutes without any hassle of calling for professional help.

  • The light head can swivel vertically and horizontally
  • Easy installation
  • Low battery indicator
  • A little fragile


7. iSolem Waterproof Battery Motion Sensor Lights


iSolem Waterproof Battery Motion Sensor Lights are one of the brightest outdoor security lights that come with ultra-bright 6W LED bulbs that can give a light output of up to 300 lumens. Best used for lighting gardens, driveways, pathways, dark streets and porches etc., the lights can also be used indoors owing to their pretty stylish, design and compact features that can go well with any interior designs. This also means you can use the same to light closets and make-up mirrors etc.

In addition to that, iSolem lights come with motion sensors that can detect motion for up to 3 metres and light up. Further, they remain activated for 20 seconds and automatically turn off after detecting no motion. The sensors are designed to detect the time of the day and they only turn off when it is dark outside and not otherwise, thus, saving power and efficiently conserving energy. The product comes with easy installation and does not need any wiring or external support.

  • Bright LED lamps
  • Waterproof
  • Weather Resistance
  • Adjustable angles head
  • Stylish compact design
  • Not fit for narrow or spotlighting


8. Outdoor Security Wall Light – Battery Operated – PIR Motion Sensor – 350 Lumen LED Floodlight


Outdoor Security Wall Light comes in a stylish twin bulb set that is operated by 2 6W LED lights. They let out a total of 350 lumens and use lesser power as compared to conventional halogen bulbs giving out the same luminosity. The light has a 140 degrees viewing angle and sensor direction distance of 8 metres which is super effective for outdoor security reasons or to deter intruders. The PIR motion sensor can get activated on the slightest motion and can be adjusted or scheduled to be kept on for a time range of 3 seconds to 5 minutes after which it automatically shuts off.

The lights have been IP44 rated and are weather resistant and waterproof, which makes them durable to all weather conditions, water or dust particle damages. You can consider putting these lights on your fences, driveways, courtyards, gardens, pathways, porches and even indoors within the house. They have a quick response time that means they are best used as outdoor security lights to keep you safe from any unwanted trespassers.

  • Sleek design
  • Integrated PIR motion sensor
  • Waterproof
  • The lights can move up and down but cannot move right or left


9. STASUN Battery Operated Outdoor Lights, Wireless Security Lights with Motion Sensor

Last, but not the least, on our list is STASUN Battery Operated Outdoor Lights which are perfect for outdoor lighting and outdoor security. The battery-operated lights come with a motion sensor that can detect the slightest motion for up to 39 feet away. Not just this, you can also schedule the sensor to turn off automatically after 10 seconds or a 20 seconds flash which helps in energy conservation, and maintains a prolonged battery life. STASUN lights run on 3 D-cell batteries (that do not come with the kit). They are also extremely easy to install and help increase outdoor security anywhere near your house.

In addition to this, the LED bulbs can emit light up to 700 lumens and the unit comes with adjustable heads that can be made to point in desired directions as per need. Another unique feature about the STASUN battery operated lights is that they come with both wall mounting and pole mounting options. They are ideal for garages, driveways, porches, parkways, front doors and gardens etc. and it is advisable to install these lights under a shed for prolonged use and durability.

  • 700 lumens light output
  • Adjustable head
  • Both wall and pole mounting
  • Super bright
  • Not ideal for spotlighting or mood lighting


Best Battery Powered Security Lights: Buying Guide

Long Life and Durability

All these lights are battery operated and are free from any wiring hassles. They are also weather-resistant and waterproof thus, they promise good durability and longer life. The batteries used to operate the lights last up to a year or more.


Battery Powered Outdoor security Lights are of immense functionality and they are effective to use around the house. They can not only light up dark spaces in and around your house but can also protect it from burglars and intruders by promptly lighting upon any slight movement. Besides, they are battery powered so they also do not use extra power thus, keeping your electricity bill to a minimum.


While selecting a product to purchase, you will come across several sellers. However, be sure to select the one which comes with an effective warranty policy. So, in case of wear and tear, or manufacturing defects, you are backed by the company’s support.


Not to mention, the lights come with easy installation options and a user manual. You can actually install these lights on your own without the help of any professional or electrician.

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of the list of the best battery operated lights. We hope we provided useful points and helped you make a decision when it comes to battery operated outdoor lights. We understand that the entire process of going through several options online can be a little overwhelming and so we took it upon ourselves to narrow down the best products and make this hunt easier for you. All you would need to do now is to go through the carefully curated list above and make up your mind about a single product. Although, we assure you, that all of these are the best ones that you can find.

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